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24 October 2016 @ 10:30 pm
There's just one week left in October, so here are some reminders to help ensure nothing is forgotten by the 31st!

There's still plenty of room for new submissions on October's Color Challenge of the Month Calendar! If you want to see your icons featured on the calendar, be sure to submit them before the end of the month so that they can be included in the voting~

Also ending on Halloween night is our special Day of the Dead inspiration challenge! Go check out the inspiration post for more information.

lims_movie - a last icon maker standing challenge focusing on one movie per round.

Sign up for Session 32: Zootopia
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There's just a little over a week left in October, which means things are starting to get a little scary~ Here are some reminders so that the deadline doesn't sneak up on you...

The special Halloween-themed challenge this year is based on Day of the Dead. If the bright colors and beautiful art associated with this Mexican holiday inspire you, be sure to get your submissions in before October 31.

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animanga_crops - An icontest focusing on crops for anime/manga series
Submit icons for Round 94: Witch Hunter Robin!
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