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06 December 2016 @ 10:45 pm
This is the calendar for December! If you'd like your icons featured here during the month, check out the inspiration/submission post!
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06 December 2016 @ 09:30 pm

drop box
■  Do not reveal who you are making graphics for. Direct all questions for your recipient through me and I'll deal with it ASAP.

■  Do not share the graphics you've made for your recipient until after December 25. Once the showcase has been posted, you will be free to post/share the graphics with others if you wish.

■  Iconmakers will be asked to make a minimum of five icons (or one large graphic), but feel free to go crazy.

■  Please DO NOT link the username as this might send those annoying pingback notifications and spoil the surprise. If you know how to turn off pingback bots, please tell me (pretty please with a cherry on top).

■  When submitting larger graphics, please only include the link, not the image.

■  If you need to submit your gifts in two or more comments, please include who the gifts are for at the top of the new entry. It will make my life easier when putting the showcase together.

■  Feel free to edit your submission as many times as you want before December 24.

■  Please use this format to make things easier:
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