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2017 Graphics Gift Exchange

The season of giving is finally beginning! Time for our favorite calendarsquares Christmas tradition!

Welcome to our annual calendarsquares Graphics Gift Exchange! For new members, this is a Secret Santa-style exchange where you can trade icons, wallpapers, and other graphics-related items with other icon makers. If this is your first time visiting calendarsquares, you might want to watch the community in order to stay up-to-date.

You DO NOT have to be an icon maker to participate. If you wish to recieve graphics for the holidays but don't feel confident about making some in return, just be sure to mention that you're not a graphics maker in the "wish list" portion of the sign up form.

event calendar
November 26 - December 8 - Signups will be open. Please fill out your wish list below.

December 9 - Makers will be randomly assigned and you may begin making graphics for your recipient.

December 22 - Graphics are due. If you do not submit everything by this date, I will reassign your recipient to another maker.

December 24 - A blind showcase of the gifts will be posted here at calendarsquares.

December 30 - I will go back to the gift post and add the names of the icon makers and contact anyone who missed the post so they can find their presents.

■  Keep in mind that this exchange is for graphics. Requests for fiction, fanmixes, artwork, videos, etc. will be removed.

■  Requests are limited to five fandoms. Please be as specific as possible about what you want. This is a huge help to your Secret Santa!

■  Requests are not limited to LiveJournal specific graphics. If you are requesting graphics to be used on other sites or on your personal devices, please include the dimensions to help avoid any confusion or delay.

■  If you are unable to make graphics, please make sure to let me know somewhere in the "wish list" application form.

■  If you are unable to finish the graphics for your recipient on time, please notify me ASAP so I can find a replacement maker for you.

■  Please note that I usually end up contacting backup makers very close to the December 24 deadline. If you have holiday plans that keep you busy around that time, please don't feel obligated to volunteer.

■  Do not reveal who you are making graphics for, and do not share the graphics you've made until after the exchange is over. After December 25, you're free to post/share the graphics with others if you wish to do so.

■  If you have any questions for your recipient, please contact me. I will act as a go-between to ensure anonymity is maintained.

■  Makers will be asked to make a minimum of five icons for their recipient, but more are certainly acceptable.

■  Please use this format when signing up:

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