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Color Challenge of the Month - October

Your challenge this month is a color combo! Please be sure to use both colors in your submissions.

(click on the badge to see the color codes)
(these themes are optional in case you like a little extra challenge)

Incorporate the featured character's name in your icon.
mutual, vow, forever, dream, join,
veil, gathered, formal, pair, kissed.

(hover to see who made each icon)

novindalf // alisea_dream // tinnny // hyacinthos // laurels

novindalf // applepips16 // sietepecados // delacours // naginis

partitioning // calrissian18 // hyacinthos // odd_one_around // novindalf

scoobyatemysnax // theotherayn // dnseur_lion // yachiru // x_lostinthesun

(hover to see who made each texture)

innocent_lexys // pandavirus // midnight_road // unknown // burnedbreads

unknown // querita // bunnydevia // pandavirus // unknown

shikon_icons // lookslikerain // defaultsettings // lookslikerain // colorvary

-  A new Color Challenge submission post will be put up during the first week of each month.
-  One new submission will be added to a special calendar post every day for that month.
-  Voting will be posted on the first day of the next month. The winner is crowned Icon of the Month.
-  The Icon of the Month will be used as the community default for the following month, until a new winner is crowned!

■  You may submit up to four (4) icons maximum.
■  Icons must prominantly feature the color of the month, both colors from a combo challenge, or at least two colors from a palette challenge. As long as your use of the colors is clear, anything goes.
■  All fandoms are welcomed from animation, comic books, musicians, movies, stock phography, to video games, anime, books, and anything else. Just be sure to use official artwork only (no fan art).
■  You may share your icons outside of this community whenever you wish. Even if they have not been revealed on the calendar yet.
■  If your birthday is this month, please be sure to include it in your submission! We'll be sure to give you a shoutout on your special day.
■  If you have any questions, please be sure to ask. I'm always happy to help.
tcg_exchange members can collect their cards over here!
■  Please use the following format when submitting your icons:


What do you think of Marry Her & Wedding Cake?
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