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2012 Valentine's Day Card Exchange

As I promised, here's our St. Valentine's Day event!

St. Valentine's Day is well known as the day for lovers. Chocolates, pink and red decorations, cards, and many other iconic things always start coming out two weeks into February. So to celebrate this holiday, why not show some love to the people we love?

Here's the idea. Create a Valentine's Day card for the people you love. You can make as many as you like, you can either sign your name, or remain a secret admirer~ Have fun with it!

Here's an idea of what I'm talking about as far as a Valentine's Day card:

This is about 400x200, and obviously I just made this for the example.
The idea is to have a quick Valentine's Day message, and as you can see, I decided to remain anon so as not to reveal my identity to myself. It's not pink, nor heart-shaped, but it gets the message across, and gives the recipent warm fuzzies.

Cards can be any size you like, from a small banner, to an oversized giant one. You can make them for friends, people you are only a little familiar with, you can make them for your favorite graphics makers, or people you really want to get to know. You can make them for anyone you want!

■ You can make as many cards as you desire.
■ Please be as creative as you want with these.
■ Please add the name of the person the graphics are for on the card. This will make it foolproof when I put the posts together.
■ If you want to remain anon, just don't sign the card. Just put "from a secret admirer" or something along those lines. Whatever you want is fine!
■ If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Please pimp this out too! The more the merrier when it comes to Valentine's Day!

Please submit all of your cards here! Comments are screened.
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